SCRIP Program Through Raise Right

Purchase Gift Cards And Earn Money for Our School!

How To Get Started: Raise Right!

The Scrip program is a fundraising program where families can purchase gift cards through the school. You can purchase any dollar amount from a wide variety of stores and restaurants, and each store offers a certain percentage (net profit) given back to the school (anywhere from 1.5% to 28% on the dollar).

Each family is strongly encouraged to participate in the SCRIP program and is assigned a SCRIP account. You may opt out of purchasing SCRIP by paying a stipend to the school ($100, preschool or $150, K-8). However, if you participate and your family hits their $100/$150 net profit goal, anything earned over and above is split between you and the school!

The SCRIP buying cycle for the school year runs from May 1st – April 30th.

You can order/purchase physical cards through the school office OR download the RaiseRight app from your app store for shopping on the go! Many stores provide cash back e-gift cards that download in seconds as you check out. You can also keep tabs on your progress, order physical gift cards, and see which stores are offering bonuses on the app as well.

Enrollment codes are school specific and are updated frequently. When you're ready to sign up, contact the school office for the most up to date enrollment code. Once enrolled, you will not need to change the code.

For more information on our SCRIP and other fundraising programs please click the button below.

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