CTK Preschool Program

Christ the King Preschool offers both 3 and 4 year old preschool with full day and half day options.

Christ The King is pleased to be able to offer a 3-year-old preschool classroom as well as two 4-year-old preschool classrooms. All of our preschool teachers work together with our kindergarten teacher to make sure that all students are ready for kindergarten by the end of preschool.

Our preschool is located at the main school at 15600 Trenton Road in Southgate. In preschool, we are focused on pre-literacy skills, math, science, art, technology and social/emotional skills. Your child will become engaged in making discoveries, solving problems and thinking independently. Most importantly, your child will learn about Jesus and His amazing love for each of us. All of this takes place through guided learning, learning centers and playful exploration both in the classroom and outside.

Preschool Options

CTK offers several options for classroom instruction to fit the needs of your child and family.

Both 3 and 4 year old preschool classrooms offer:

  • 5 Full Days (M-F)
  • 5 Half Days (M-F)
  • 3 Full Days (M-W-F)
  • 3 Half Days (M-W-F)

In addition, the 3 year old preschool classroom offers:

  • 2 Full Days (T/TH)


Children must be 3 years of age to enter into our preschool program by September 1. Children are accepted through age 5 or until they enter kindergarten. Children are required to be toilet trained.

Meet Our Preschool Staff

Ms. Sylvia Linares- 3 Year Old Preschool

Ms. Sylvia has been teaching children since 2006. She has been at Christ the King for over 10 years. She strives to nurture each child's individuality, innate curiosities and instills a desire for lifelong learning.

Mrs. Amanda McFadden- 4 Year Old Preschool

Mrs. McFadden has been working with children since 2002. She loves working with preschoolers because they are such natural learners. She likes to keep education fun, interactive, engaging and Christ centered.

Mrs. Joyce Zanley- 4 Year Old Preschool

Mrs. Zanley has been teaching at CTK for over 10 years. She believes that her role as an educator is to create an environment in which children become engaged in making discoveries, solving problems and thinking independently.